ProfiPolish polishing-towel Lavender 350 gsm
Item number: PP916L
Category: Polishing
Weight 350 gsm
Wash temperature max. 60° C
Material 70 % polyester / 30 % polyamide
Dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm

4,95 €

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Shipping time: 15 - 17 workdays

The ProfiPolish Lavender microfiber cloth with its ultra fine microfibers is particularly soft and smooth. The seam, cut to protect edges, guarantees safe and trouble free work at all times.

The Lavender cloth is suitable for all works revolving around paint and the interior of the vehicle. Particularly good results emerge from finishing works e.g. polishing of wax and the application of Detailers.

Due to its high amount of Polyamide the absorption capability of the towel rises. It is also useful for quick drying on smaller spots. Because of the finely split microfiber, dust and grime gets attracted as if by magic which simplify a fast cleaning with an interior- or quick Detailer.

Optimized surface feel: Due to the silky texture, this cloth also makes brittle hands happy. The particularly fluffy microfiber does not stick to the skin.

Made in Korea
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