Our Story

When clean is not enough

We like cars. And if they're perfectly maintained, we love them. Based on this personal claim our first product, a microfibre cloth, was developed in 1999. But this was far from enough for us and so we added polishing and application pads as well as car care accessories to our range.

Our latest addition: The organic product line Natural Born Cleaner. We start with the ProfiPolish Crystal Clear Windscreen Cleaner. This means no more streaks on your windows and mirrors.
100 % organic and made in Germany. Bam! Since we just can't get enough here either, more Natural Born Cleaners will follow soon.

As varied as our products are, they all have something in common: professional quality you can rely on and a transparent production chain. We know our suppliers personally and select them not only for their expertise, but also for important factors such as environmental compatibility and sustainability. For good results - and a good feeling. Because here too we want more. Today. Tomorrow. And also in the future.

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